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Bichon Frise Plant Pot Feet (Bronze)

Bichon Frise Plant Pot Feet (Bronze)

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Set of 3 bronze Bichon Frise plant pot feet

 Approx Size Per Dog - Height 7cm x Width 10.5cm x Depth 9cm

 Suitable for outdoors and indoors use

 Frost proof and UVA proof

 Perfect to display and evenly balance you plant pots on any surface, and add a unique finishing touch to any patio or decking

 They also look fabulous in the home to use for centrepieces and plant pots and make perfect gifts

 They are made from a durable, weatherproof and SGS certified poly resin and are made using lead-free products that meet the highest safety and environmental standards

 Each one is hand painted so actual item might vary to picture

 Each set of three comes in their own box

Designed to take any weight of plant pot

Why use plant pot feet?

Aides air circulation to improve root growth

Prevent water-logging

Improves drainage which in turn reduces frost damage

Prevent patio or decking rings aswell as stains on your carpet, wood or tiled floor

Deter unwanted pests from making a home under your pots

Add some character to your garden and home


Please Note: Every effort is made to ensure that plant pot feet are compatible with the vast majority of plant pot styles and shapes. However, there are such a wide range of pots available in the marketplace that we cannot always guarantee this. If you are unsure about the suitability of a pot foot from within our range, please check with us before ordering.
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